Walk in the White Space

I re-construct my world, the city where I live, by method of collage, using hundreds of photographs of buildings, taken while walking through the streets of London. I try to capture the skyline with the towers and cranes punctuating the sky. It becomes the visual border to my world, giving shape to the place I am in. This fascination with the sharp graphic contrasts between buildings (the world) and the sky (heaven) translates into these screen-prints, where the sky becomes the white of the paper I print onto. For me, this opens up endless possibilities and play between these two contrasting worlds.

This series of works are dreamlike adventures into imaginary places where all things normally impossible are possible. Places connect and merge into one. There are no earthbound limitations. Distance, scale and gravity are irrelevant. I can be a climber, a fearless dancer on top of the world. I can walk on water and step onto thin air. I can walk in the white space.

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