Climber, 1999 :: Painted Aluminium Sculpture. :: Dimensions: Height: 430 cm x Width 330 cm x Depth: 330 cm :: Commissioned by KPMG. Winner of the KPMG Art Awards Sculpture Commission 1998.

The sculpture was installed indoors at KPMG\’s Headquarters, Salisbury Square, London. In 2002 the sculpture was donated to St. Richard\’s Hospital in Chichester and placed outdoors in their Grandstand Courtyard.

“The inspiration for the sculpture came as I was thinking of the theme of a tropical garden and the idea of growth and movement in plants and trees. As each natural plant has its own unique structure by which it moves, grows, climbs and shoots in different directions…I wanted to create a feel of rhythmic movement, which relates to the human body and how we move and bend our hands, arms and legs. Without representing a person or a plant directly. I felt that there are certain visual features, which correspond to the idea of life and living beings.

Thus the personified title ‘Climber’…Depending on where you place yourself in relation to the sculpture, it will change visually and leave you with a different impression of it…The bright colours I used are significant, in that they act as signs, which invite and attract attention (like tropical plants do). They also act like warning signs, and in this way increase one’s awareness of the space”. (Louiz Kirkebjerg Nielsen)