"PRINTATHON", London, 8 June-lst July 2012

I will be showing 3 new prints in


An exhibition of new work by East London Printmakers inspired by this year’s London Olympic Games at

Stour Road, Fish Island, London E3 2NT

8 June-lst July 2012, Thursday-Friday 5pm to 9pm. Saturday-Sunday 12pm to 5pm

Gold Dreams

Gold Dreams

Artist Statement for this show:

Louiz’s current work explores the interaction between positive and negative architectural space – how the cityscape is shaped by the skyline, how the sky is shaped by the buildings’ outline, and how we move in those in-between spaces.

In “Gold Dreams” Louiz looks at London’s changing skyline with it’s new Olympic structures, creating another interpretation of the Games. Little people are venturing out to the edge of their horizon where only the sky is the limit.